NANOWRIMO – The Adventure begins.

This year, a big ADVENTUROUS year, I have decided to participate in NANOWRIMO. What is NANOWRIMO you ask? It is National Novel Writing Month.

and I thought to myself, what better way to hold myself accountable for my writing than to take my find Blog readers along for the Adventure with me!

Well, today is the end of day 2, and I have good news. I have written 10,722 words (which does not include Blog posts, Facebook posts or Twitter updates). Which translates into about 35 pages. WHEW! It has been a very busy busy two days. I’m not sure I can keep up the pace (considering there is *life* that happens, and not just me sitting at my computer day in and day out).

At this pace I will not only finish my novel, but the three other books I have on the ‘pending’ shelf before Christmas! YAAAAY

But I can only do it with your love, well-wishes and support!
Leave me a comment.
Shoot me an email or note,
Buy a Book or support with an Advertising pledge.
Or even a Donation (so I can continue to write and still have food to eat and a roof over my head) would go a long way!

Here is a sneak peak of a little bit of what I wrote today, Chapter 1 of the new novel:

October 22, 1994

It was a perfect fall day. The smell of crisp leaves, crinkling and dancing down the street with the breeze. It is football season, high school dances and dress-up. Faces of created and hollowed out ghouls await with heavy anticipation of dusk and the lighting of a fire in their bellies to beacon forth those masked and caped in nearly a week. The small town is abuzz, the local high school hosts a homecoming dance tonight. Flowers shops are busy with corsage’s, boutonnieres, bouquets and balloons. Car washes are packed with young boys taking their dad’s car to get washed before the prince and his chariot will pick up his princess of the night. Last night the football team lost the homecoming game, but this is nothing new to this small town of farm-boys and 4-H’ers. They haven’t won a single game in three years. No matter, there was still plenty of screaming and excitement when the Homecoming court was announced at half-time. A ritual repeated thousands of times across the country, to the same excited screams.


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