The Spaceplague is gone, Unicorns are next.

When you buy one of these awesome books (with 7 Five-Star REVIEWS!), not only will a Unicorn show up in your backyard, but the goose that lays the golden egg will sit in your living room, and a leprechaun with his rainbows and pot of gold will end up on your porch.

I know what you are thinking…
“Great, now I’ll have to pick up Horse Shit,
Golden eggs aren’t going to feed my family and now I’m hallucinating about small green men.”

Wait… no…
That’s not what I meant…

What I meant to say was that I have defeated the Spaceplague, educated myself on the next revolution, and am ready for Unicorns, rainbows and perhaps a little saucy, sexy inspiration and music to finish the books I have been working on.

yep… this’ll do.


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