Gloves, respirators and things that go Boom.

So, just to update you all, the last two weeks have been a Blllluuuuuuuuurrr.

After spending 10 days dressed in a respirator and gloves ……

(see more details HERE)

I was excited to come home (back to Seattle) and just crawl into a nice clean bed. Alas, I found that by the time I got back I had been volunteered to help set up a pyrotechnics gig for the Microsoft corporate meeting at Safeco Field.

So, after just a few hours of sleep and four very long sweaty days of set-up, we went….

Then, after a full-day of tear-down, a couple hours of sleep, ten hours of driving and two more shows I am finally home.

I am deliriously tired, and stupidly sick with a cold or flu or something close to what I think is the Plague.
But, ‘The Boy’ said… ‘it’s just a cold’. He put me in bed with some zicam, Emergen-C and King Kitty and told me ‘you will feel better soon.’
A few minutes later when chatting with my best good friend Endi, she just informed me: “Well, it’s not going to help anyone to tell the truth…. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!”
Best. Response. EVER. Endi for the win.

So this blog probably doesn’t make any sense. But the funny picture and the video of things going boom makes up for the insanity of these words I’m trying to write.

If you need me, I’m here….

I sure am glad to be home.


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