Stabbing is the new black.

The english language is so interesting, the way words define our times.
In the 80’s (and now seeing a resurgence) was ‘Wicked’
A few years ago it was ‘Epic’
then “Winning” (Thanks Charlie Sheen)
and now….
Stabbing/cutting is the new black?

As in “I’m feeling stabby”
“Be nice, or I will cut you”
Which I thought was only a line my favorite blogger in the world would say. (If you want the shirt from her, click here)
But I’ve heard it about a half dozen times over the past week from random strangers or people who (to my knowledge) have no idea who The Bloggess is.

But apparently it’s catching on. (She is kind of a trend setter. She once started a “WOLVERINE’S” Revolution on twitter. See the story here) Twitter even covered it.

I think the reason why I love her so much (besides her insanely wicked – and most of the time medicated – sense of humor) is she is insanely honest, freakishly funny and transparent in her battle with arthritis (which means she IS human!).
She writes about everything and nothing.
She is like Seinfeld…. but prettier, more educated, and well….
Did Seinfeld ever stand at your front door in the guise of giant metal chicken named Beyonce and say Knock Knock Mother Fucker for your 15th wedding anniversary?

I think not.
Which is my point exactly.

Anyway, I wonder what the next hot mess in vocab is?
Speaking of hot messes….
I think I hear someone calling my name….

Update: ‘The Boy’ has just informed me that I have it wrong. According to him (in a smarmy voice), “It’s not cutting or stabbing ANYONE, it is a 1-inch punch for the men, and a 7-inch shank for the laaaaaaadies.”


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