And for my next trick…..

With four books done, written and e-published,


*With one 5-star review on Amazon!


*Currently with four 5-star reviews on Amazon!


and Here

*With one 5-star review on Amazon!

(SIDE NOTE: All of these books are available via the Amazon Kindle AND the Barnes & Noble Nook)

What’s next?
Well, I know the curiosity is just killing you, so I will be nice and give you a run-down of my next tricks. On deck:

A historical fiction novel,
Two more erotic short stories (follow ups to ‘For the Love of Coffee’)
An easy ‘How-To’ guide to buying Insurance
And a handbook on Stress and balance.

Aren’t you excited?

But, I need your help.
I need a few more sales (more dollars) to get these books in print. Self-publishing (although awesome) is expensive when it comes to printing. Here are some things you can do to help.
1.) Share my links/blogs/books with your friends
2.) Purchase a book, read it and leave a review (5-star reviews are awesome, but any review is great! Even if you hate it, let me know).
3.) Encourage your brother, aunt, monkey’s uncle to purchase and leave a review.

For anyone who purchases a book between now and September 15th (In the next 10 days!) AND leaves a review, I will send you a book of your choice for FREE!

Because I love you.
You are welcome.


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