You might be Stressed if:

Stress is a killer. A little ninja night stalking boogyman that can hit us when we least expect it. Even the signs and symptoms can be so small, we may mistake them for other ailments, or brush them off with something to the effect of: ‘oh, I just didn’t get enough sleep’.

But the fact remains, over $300 Billion dollars are spent every year to ‘combat’ the effects of stress. From anti-anxiety medication to accidents to plain ol’ lethargy, stress sucks!

Are you Stressed?

Here are some signs and symptoms that you are suffering from chronic stress:
*Chronic Headaches
*Muscle tension/pain
*Sleep difficulties (insomnia/oversleeping)

What do you do?

First – Take a breath.
Inhale deep, hold it and exhale slowly.

Second – Buy my book. (HERE)

Third – Kick back in the sunshine with a glass of lemonade and enjoy the summer.


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