New News. Sick days and the Official Release

First, I’m sorry I haven’t posted up in the last few days. I was really sick. Really really really sick.
In bed for two days, skin on fire, joints feeling like they are filled with hot tar, and enough hot and cold flashes to make me think I was see-sawing between the arctic and the equator.
Thankfully, it passed.It has been quite some time since I was sick, and even longer since I have taken a ‘sick day’, so when it hit, it laid me out good!

Thankfully, whatever I was hit with was weaker than the superhero strength of a nice warm comfy cuddly bed and a stack of movies. and TADA….
All better.

So on to some more exciting news:
I am super duper happy to announce that my four books are now available online through the Nook (the reader available through Barnes & Noble). This is an awesome step in the right direction to get my e-books out to a wider audience and potentially get them in hardcopy in a bookstore near you!
Find them here:
My Nook Books

YAY for small accomplishments!


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