Zombie Death Spiral of the Mind.

In anyone’s life, the ups and downs can sometimes be daunting.
The last few days have been particularly difficult for me. And really, for no reason other than my mind went down the zombie death spiral trip.

Zombie death spirals can start with something small, and yet within hours can lead you down the steps into confusion, stress, disfunction, withdrawal, vulnerability, and finally depression.
Not. Fun.

Yesterday, I was in the throws of the Zombie Death Spiral, and there wasn’t anything I could do to instantly make things better. As much as I would have given my right arm to ‘make the bad man go away’, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I know myself well enough to know that when things like this happen, I just need to stop fighting my mind and its unrealistic expectations, and just take a chill pill, relax, snuggle up and just ride it out.
But yesterday,
I forgot.
I forgot to be gentle with myself, I forgot to be nice to myself, I just plain forgot.
and it sucked.
I was thrashing about in the Zombie Death Spiral of my Mind. Questioning everything, in tears, and not saying very nice things to myself or anyone else who was in earshot.
I was Grumpy McGrumperson with a dash of Uber-Bitch.
Not. Happy.
And surely not pretty.

Then, like God’s voice from the sky, (If God’s voice sounded like ‘The Boy’s’ and God channeled Bruce Lee):
“Be Like Water”

I took a breath, went for a walk, and everything was …. well… it was ok. Not bleak, grey, and filled with death, but things started to have color again.

Fresh air and a brisk walk helped pull me out of my Zombie Death Spiral of my Mind.

So, that is the free advice of the day.
Ride it out.

Because, no matter how bad it is, it can’t last forever.


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