The (Metaphysical) Secret of Business Creation.

The job market sucks.
You are over qualified to flip burgers or make coffee for someone else.
You are creative, enterprising and a hard worker. Why don’t you start your own business? In the long run, you have a potential to make a huge amount of wealth, create a legacy and have a soul resounding level of satisfaction for the same amount of work.

Great Idea!
(Yes, I know, I have a lot of great ideas) But, hold on, just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean the world will bend to your will. Or… will it?

Yes, it can.

When starting your own business, there are three very significant metaphysical steps to the process, and, like childbirth, none of them are static.

Accumulation – This is where you sit still and gather all of your scattered energies back to yourself to focus it to a singular goal. Just like the hot guy across the room…. focus on the hot guy (or girl). Sure, you have a great business idea, but until you release all the other ‘strings’ (release all the other glances at all the other guys in the room) you won’t have enough energy to follow through (FOCUS ON HOT DUDE!). This is usually the stage where the idea first occurs and generates initial action (gonna go talk to hot guy). You want transformation, wether it be the idea of a business to start manifesting, or the transformation of hot guy in room to hot guy in bed. Either way, to get this transformation, you must reach a critical point of intensity. Focus energy in a singular direction to cause change. Man in bed. Idea into business. Almost like focusing a magnifying glass on the concrete to burn ants. All similar.

Followed by:

Saturation – This is the ‘magnificent obsession’. This takes the breadth of your life, meaning, you will eat, sleep, drink and live your idea to the N’th degree. You are obsessed! Your idea wants to live on the physical plane (uh oh, who got knocked up by the hot guy?). The problem is, it doesn’t have a physical body (yet), so it will borrow yours while you make one for it (someone is now preggo). It will tell you how to construct this new body and will work through you to do it. Labor pains are associated with this ‘body-building’ process. Do not kid yourself to think that this does not happen with building a business. No matter how logical, rational and air-tight your business plan is, it will be just like incubating a baby. Furthermore, until you have set your idea free, you hang suspended – much like the hanged man in the tarot, or a woman 8 1/2 months pregnant. This is the time in which doubt creeps in. This is the make or break. This is the time you are in overdrive, working 12-16 hour days to make sure it will work.


The work becomes a thing in and of itself, whole and complete. The business is built. The baby is born. This thing has it’s own life now and is done with you. You might feel a sense of loss. Post-partum depression doesn’t just happen to new mothers. Here is the kicker: If you hold to tightly to your new business and not allow it to grow, the probability increases that you will run it into the ground. Instead, you must let it go, let it grow into what ever ‘it’ wants to grow into. This growth might not be AT ALL like the original idea. That is ok.

Creation is the same process, whether it is having a child, building a business or creating a universe. It is all the same. Keep this in mind as you go through the process. It will be heartbreaking and ecstatic all at the same time. It is a ton of work and completely satisfying (once it is grown and on it’s own) and you will reap the rewards over the long term.

For example: I have this friend, (let’s call him Joe). Joe has an MBA, a wife and a couple kids and lives a very good life. Joe works for a company and over the last 15 years has worked to the top of the ladder. He knows the in’s and out’s of his industry but realized one day that he had reached the top of his pay scale. He understood that unless he took action, he would continue to do the same thing getting paid the same amount for the next twenty+ years. So, one day he decided to build his own business. He would be doing the same thing he had been doing for that other company, but now, he is the owner. He makes the decisions, and his pay is only determined by the amount of clients he serves. Plus, he now writes articles for the leading magazine in that industry, and has developed a name and reputation as the ‘go-to’ guy.
(I would pimp him here, but did not get his permission to use him as an example – so no pimpage.)

What significance is that to you?
Well, if you enjoy your job – like flipping burgers, or making coffee – but have dreams, education, experience and drive to do something more, why don’t you start up your own food cart? Why don’t you start your own restaurant?
Small changes can make a big difference.

Remember, I am here for you. I’ve done this (many times) and have a HUGE amount of information just sitting here to help you.

If you need coaching and consulting, I am just an email or phone call away.

Good luck!


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