E-Bookin’ it.

*Disclaimer: Blog has been tagged “Blogging and drinking”

Happy Friday people!

After I e-published my books, a lot of people have asked, questioned and commented; “Awesome, I should put my stuff up, is it hard?” and “I have some things I wrote ten years ago, how do I do that?” and “Wow, you did that? I could do that!”

The answers are:
It’s difficult.
and no you can’t.

Meaning… you can publish your books online. Anyone can publish a book online. But it is difficult because you have to actually write it. That means sitting down, by yourself, and staring at a computer screen until something comes out of you that has nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or my personal favorite Textsfromlastnight.

Ok, so say you have actually written something.

Next question…
Will someone actually buy it?

Just because you publish your book online doesn’t mean anyone will want to buy it, and if no one buys it, then … well, you know. You are just another person who flunked English in High School.


p.s. You can find my books here

p.p.s. I flunked English in High School.

‘scuse me waitress…. can I have another martini? k’thanks’bye.


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