The Value of a Legacy.

I was talking to a friend the other day and we were dreaming about ‘winning the lottery’ and playing the game of “What would you do if…”.
You know that game.

The “If I won the lottery I would: buy a house, my friend a car, go on vacation, I would send my kids to college, etc etc etc.”
The dream of, “I would get it all in $100 bills, pile it up in my house and jump into it like a pile of leaves”

The truth is, if you don’t have the money now, winning the lottery probably won’t help. Why? Because it is all about habits. Spending habits, saving habits, investing habits. It boils down to your personal relationship with the almighty dollar.

I found an interesting article HERE which gives some good points of this discussion.

The fact is, unless you start creating the habits now, creating the relationship with ‘cash’ to leave a legacy – whatever that legacy is, the legacy won’t magically appear upon the winning of some lottery. My new book on creating Wealth (HERE) can help you start to realize your value. It can help you start building a productive and mutually beneficial relationship with your money.
Sure, money is great. Even more money is awesome. But don’t you want to do something more?

Leaving a legacy is just that. Something more. Odds are the dollars and cents you accumulate during your lifetime are not going to last for three generations. But, your legacy will.

What is your legacy?

What are you doing today to cultivate/build and grow it?


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