… It leads to your moment of greatness.

I was having a great conversation the other day about moments of greatness, and as the conversation developed two things struck me.

First, everything that happens in a person’s life builds and builds and builds until they are faced with their personal moment of greatness.

Second, when one is faced with a moment of greatness, the choice must be made to BE great. One must stand and face their fears, conquer the little devil inside which makes them feel small and Choose to be great. Then COMMIT to that decision of greatness.

The difference between the great, and not so great is that when faced with the moment of greatness, the great embraced themselves. Fully. Faults and all, unashamed. They forged ahead with their passion, their idea and the commitment to not accept anything less than their personal best. They did not cower from the challenges, but used them as opportunities for growth. They may have started out small and weak, but through those same challenges built strength, courage, character and a relentless spirit.

These are the great.
They give hope to those who haven’t yet achieved the courage to be great themselves.
These are the fearless adventurers.

Your life has led you to this point.
Now Choose.


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