Passion… and making it halfway

Passion is a wonderous and weird and magical energy. It will prompt you to do something your otherwise rational brain would convince you not to. It will drive you to the ends of the earth to find something you didn’t know was lost.

About a year ago, passion stuck me in the ass and I started to sell everything. I wanted to travel the world, for a year. I sold everything I owned, all of my possessions, got rid of my car, 2 bedroom house and everything in it.

My friend Caelan made a video

In the process of shedding everything, I cut my hair and packed my bags. On December 28th, I left. Spending a month camping on a mexican beach with 6 of my closest friends.

Left my friends on the beach in mid-January and left with my traveling partner for SE Asia.

It was amazing, an adventure, every single day. And although I never knew what was around the next bend, it was nothing I had imagined. I loved it. Every moment. The rainy heartbreaking days as much as the beautiful sun-filled beach days.

There were many things that were born from this trip. Passion spurning the process, I bought a Mac in Thailand and started writing. I didn’t know my voice was lost. But, since I have been home, I’ve published two books (available at my bookstore Here)
With two more on the way.
It is a great start. But just like I only made it halfway around the world, I feel as though I am less than that with my dreams.
And my passion is burning furiously.
and there is something more ‘out there’ that needs to be found.
I would love to:
But most importantly, EMPOWER others with my example, my books and my influence that there is more to life than the grey fence-walking reality they have been living.

I was a normal all-american-small-town-girl, who chose to be different. I decided to begin this adventure of life.
Every moment of every day you have a choice, it is the passion which drives you to take action.

What is your choice today, and what passion is driving you?
What is your adventure?

“Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.”
~Norman Cousins


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