The boy is gone, and I wear his clothes.

I have this special friend.
Not sure what to call him yet….
On occasion I call him my ‘Manstress”. It is like Mistress only for a man. But that doesn’t really fit in all circumstances.
(lookie… our feet together – cute!)

The term Boyfriend makes me cringe. I hate it and refuse to call him this (I’m not 12).

Man-Friend makes me think of my grandpa – not that I call my grandpa my ‘Man Friend’ (sicko’s), but that he calls his girlfriend his “Lady Friend”, so the opposite would be Man-Friend?

So, until I can think of something more entertaining to refer to him as, I call him. “THE BOY”

I like The Boy. He is gone for a few days, and asked me to ‘kitty-sit’. I am going to assume he means to feed and pet his adorable cat, and not do some weird thing with my girl parts while he is gone.
Look, his cat is adorable. (and plays computer games!)

Said kitty also likes to snuggle with my Teddy Bear (don’t judge – every girl has one.)

While the boy is gone, and while I get to feed said cute kitty and sleep in his super-deluxe-california-king-sized-bed-o-bliss, I do one special secret thing. Shhhh
I like to wear his clothes when he is gone. Especially at night. They smell like him, and it is almost like snuggling up and getting a hug from him even when he isn’t there. And, he is the best hugger in the world (is hugger a word? It is now.).

I like him.
But, much to the chagrin of my mom, I’m not going to marry him nor have his children. I’m just going to use him for sex (great sex), travel with him, snuggle him, laugh with him, walk and hold hands with him and secretly wear his clothes when he isn’t around.


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