Date Night!

Last night,
I had a date.
I will first preface by saying, I love dates.

I love the ritual of getting ready (shaving, picking out what to wear, doing the hair, make-up, jewelry, jacket, shoes, etc), the anticipation of the events (where we are going to meet, what we are going to do, where we are going to go, what we are going to eat, drink, etc). But, my favorite moment of date night is the moment where you actually see your date for the first time that night, and they see you.
All sparkly eyed.
Both excited to be together, just for the night.

Last night was date night.
and, quite frankly, I looked awesome. He was drooling.
It was great.

We went to a First Thursday Art Walk/Gallery opening thing. Although I am not sure he looked at much art, he was staring at me all night. Then walked, held hands, sushi… nom nom nom nom.
More walking, more holding hands.

Then the kiss.

Oh… the kiss. On the street, in front of everyone. He swooped me up in his arms, one strong and supportive around my lower back, and the other gently cradling my head and neck. Looking me straight in the eyes, he pressed his lips to mine.
*Leeee siiiiiigh*

The rest of the night was just pure magic.


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