Friendliest Cities? This is not one of them…

After being in many new and interesting places around the world over the last six months, I have seemed to find myself rating them based on a variety of factors.
These factors are not exactly scientific or even based on anything other than how it effects the Universe known as ‘me’.

Everything taken into account in my perfect little world, I have decided to rank Seattle – based upon just a couple months of being here visiting.
Seattle is… well… a bit pretentious.
Meaning, the folks in this fair city aren’t exactly friendly or social. Reminds me of the ‘clique’s in high school which were untouchable (and mean to the nerds/stoners). You can’t just go down to the neighborhood watering hole and belly up to the bar and meet new people. It doesn’t work like that here. It is a strange town with all these strange sub-groups, sub-cultures that are so ‘sophisticated’ but, mainly I think they are just snobbish.
Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed the last few months here, but have yet to meet anyone who, upon hearing about my recent transplant, has said anything to the like of ‘let’s go get a beer’, or ‘You should come with me to ______’.
The simple truth is…. It just isn’t very friendly.

So in the words of my perceived Seattle snobbery – with the whiney voice.
“Yes, come, visit, spend money, but don’t even think about trying to build friendships or relationships here… we are too cool for that.”

Personally… I liked Seattle better when it was younger, indifferent and before Starbucks and Microsoft ruled the world. I liked Seattle when grunge was king. Back then, the lack of social graces was due to indifference (like), not pretentiousness (dislike).

You are on thin ice Seattle, I might have to break up with you soon.


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