Extreme is scary.

I am going to preface this piece of prose by saying, I am a true American. Born here, raised here and happy to live here. But I am disturbed as much as I am proud.

I was frightened yesterday, shivering in my boots. Not by the fireworks (which were awesome – see, I got a back-stage pass to the hand-lighting of a local city show! WEEHOO!)

…but, frightened by the sudden realization that there was something happening all over the USA during this day of what was supposed to be all about National Pride.
It was extreme.

Extreme christianity.
While standing in line for a corndog pre-fireworks show, the band on the stage got on the mic and said: “We are not here for your entertainment, we are here to praise God, AMEN?!” To the cries of 50% of the audience screaming back “AMEN!”

…and a slow chill ran up my spine.

I am not writing to bash on Christians, I am not writing to add fuel to a very fiery conversation about religion, I am writing to ask two questions.

1.) Are we truly are the land of the free and home of the brave with religious freedoms?

2.) How do you think someone of another religion besides Christianity (I’m rolling all forms of Christianity into one ball here), and AMERICAN would feel at a ‘Independence Day Celebration’ with such proselytizing.

(and if you don’t really care, but just want to see cool video’s of stuff blowing up, click HERE)


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