It could happen to any of us…

Like anything, this begins with a story. A story of a man from Georgia who has been a musician all his life. Bartending and slinging cocktails to make up the difference, this man does what he loves and is best when he is on a stage in front of thousands of people.
This man’s name is Carl Tietze, but most people cheer him on as ‘Solovox’ and he is my friend.

He is also a man, who at this moment, embodies the struggle that 90% of my friends have to deal with at some point. We are in our mid-30’s and 40’s, doing what we love, when something happens. Be it an accident, an injury or just something we found one day. We are vibrant leaders, movers, shakers and contributors to our community and yet we have no health insurance. We are not living on welfare, food stamps or other social services. We are self-sufficient, self-reliant and contribute to our community.

Carl, specifically, has been suffering from multiple bulging and herniated discs. He is now bed-ridden, can’t walk and is in a tremendous amount of pain. No walking means no performing and no bartending. Without health insurance he is seriously up a sh*it creek without a paddle.
This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if we lived in any other civilized country, anywhere else in the world. But right here in the USA, one trip to the doctor’s office will leave you bankrupt. Especially since most of us live paycheck to paycheck.

Thankfully, Carl is loved by many people, and there are thousands who have heard him play. Slowly word is starting to get out and a he has raised over $6,000 in 48 hours, with just his tribe of close friends. He is blown away by the generosity of his friends. But, I don’t think it is enough.
(Not enough on a multitude of levels, but the soapbox will stay in the closet for right now…)

Help spread the word, help Carl, even donating a little bit will put food on his table and keep a roof over his head while he is recovering.

Here is his music.

Here is the site in which you can read more about him and help by donating to his recovery. Even a little bit helps, the bonus is you can donate anonymously.
or donate privately (the gofundme site takes 7.5%) through paypal at

Of course, if you would like more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Carl is my friend, and it could easily have been me in the same situation.

Thank you!


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