Taos – Best customer service EVER!

About a year ago I was looking for a pair of sandals which I could not only wear over the summer, but also have for my trip overseas. I knew they these sandals needed to be durable, flexible, comfortable and able to be washed. I needed a pair that I could wear all day hiking, biking and walking and not fall off, and I also wanted sandals that I could wear with a sundress and look nice. AND they needed to be small enough not to take up any more precious room in my backpack.

Off I went to REI, looking at Keen’s, Teva’s, Merril’s , Chaco’s and even the awesome new 5 finger shoes, but just weren’t going to cut it. Not that they weren’t awesome, they were for sure. They were the embodiment of sturdy, flexible and durable. But, none of them looked awesome with a sundress.

I had high standards, and with all of those requirements, it really narrowed down what I was looking for.

Then one day, I saw them. They were beautiful. Shining like stars in the window of a shoe store.
Black, leather, jewels, heel strap, adjustable, microfiber… I was in love.

They were mine.
All mine.

And they traveled all over the world with me. Over 20,000 miles of flying, driving, biking and hiking. I wore them every single day for four months, washing them at night and wearing them again the next day. Climbing temples during the day and wearing them with a sundress at night to go out to dinner.

So, after I got home I wrote to Taos. Sent them pictures and professed my love for the shoes that were so awesome. Durable and stylish.

They not only wrote me back, but loved my story so much that they wanted my old beat up shoes, wanted to use my story in some of their promo material and in exchange, they sent me a brand new pair of the shoes that I loved. But, not just one pair, but 5 NEW PAIR! Comfy, durable, stylish, super awesome shoes.

I am wearing my new kicks right now!

Besides the fact that I loved these shoes to begin with, I will tout this company forever because of the best customer service I have ever encountered.

Moral of this story is, if you buy something, use it and love it to pieces, write to the company. Tell them how much you love their product, what you used it for and why it was so awesome for you. Be specific! You never know what will happen.

Oh, and next time you see me, check out my shoes! 😉


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