Tat Redoux

So, I’ve had a this tattoo for the last 10 years. A lower back tattoo or as some others like to call it, Ass Antlers, Tramp Stamp, Bullseye Tattoo, California License plate, etc, etc, etc. When I got it, it was in the midst of the tattoo time of picking something out of a book and the artist would just trace it onto your body. But, no, I went in with my own design, drew it myself and was so proud of all the little things I had put in. The negative space silhouettes of faces in the wings, the cross and then obviously the butterfly. All pretty awesome (for 1999).

A lot has changed since then.
A marriage, divorce, graduation from two colleges, a career, numerous moves around the Pacific Northwest, and obviously my recent extended time overseas. Basically I grew up a bit. It was time to update the art. The idea behind the original design was this idea of transformation… and it was time for even the tattoo to transform.
I asked around, did my research, looked at a zillion portfolios, picked out a design and finally settled on an Artist.
I decided Nina at Laughing Buddha Tattoo in Seattle was going to do it.
And even though I was ready to do it, I was still scared. But made the appointment, the day came and I sat down in the chair. She was Awesome!
Friendly, quick, painless (well, as painless as a cover up tattoo on your lower back can be).
I was so happy, I was in tears after it was done.
She kept the faces in the wings, she added dimension. she made it look like there is a goddess in the middle reaching for the sky, the wings almost look like claws/hands reaching around my body. Oh. My Gawd. I love it!
If you are thinking about getting artwork done on your body, I HIGHLY recommend Nina. Okay, so it is beyond highly – it is – Don’t go anywhere else, but GO TO HER!
I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


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