One. is. Done.

My original plan was to write a book on Stress Management (based on a lot of the information I would share in my classes). But who knew that writing a stress management book would be so stressful?!

There were times in which writers block was completely overwhelming. So I would quit and work on something else to get my *ahem* creative juices flowing again.
As luck would have it, I finished my “creative” short story, and it is PUBLISHED on Kindle!
Yes – you read that right – Published.
Available for you to purchase and read for just a mere $.99 (less than… well, pretty much anything now days. And you would be awesomely supporting my dream as an author!)
AND – I have two others which are at the editor right now and getting the cover art/graphics done, so they will be published very soon. One is another creative short story, and one is a book on aromatherapy as effective stress relief. I will keep you posted when they are done and available online.

But, I still don’t have my stress management book or my novel done yet – However, they are getting very close.

Anyway, I wanted to give you the update.
If you want to buy the very first published work – you can find it and have it delivered to your Kindle for only $.99!
Just click HERE

And – if you do buy it, and read it, please comment/star/tag it on Amazon/Kindle. That would be awesome.

I haven’t yet told my folks that I have this published (when you see/read it, you might understand) but maybe I should?
What do you think?

And… this picture has nothing to do with my blog, but it was cute and it made me happy.


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