Getting the Pendulum swinging to center.

As simple or complicated as the physics are for understanding the swing of the pendulum, and as far as the points are apart at each apex of the swing, has been my life.
Secretly showing one swing or another at certain points of time in my life. Absolutely the swinging has helped keep momentum, but yet there has been no peace in the middle. No marrying of these two distinct apex’s, each pulling equally as hard in different directions.
To join these two opposites is hard, to say the least. It is brutal. Like forcing two magnets to come together which innately repel each other.
Then there is the unveiling. The unmasking. The raw vulnerable truth of standing naked and saying… yes. I have done that.

I’m not perfect. I live adventurously.
And, I have lived on both sides of the coin.
In the light and in the dark.
and now… prepared to show my naked grayness to the world.


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