I just made Monday my Bitch.

Wrote 1200 words today in a short story I am loving.
Outlined two booklets.
Brainstormed the next step on the novel.
(The picture… oh yeah, it’s me kicking ass.)

Got a price quote on some artwork.
Called an appraisal service and auction house for a couple items I am selling.
Got another call from Nightline (promised myself to call them back tomorrow after recovering from a mild heart attack)
Called mom.

Totally made Monday my bitch.


2 thoughts on “I just made Monday my Bitch.

  1. Nightline wanted to do an expose' on clearing houses of energy – the Real Estate Reset (they saw the youtube video), but their timeline was way too quick. Gave me a mild panic attack to be on national news doing it…. you know, things like that happen. 😉

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