Sleeping at the airport is not advised….

After a 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to China, going through customs and immigration (to get a chinese stamp in my passport, and transfer airline carriers on the way to Saigon) I ate some noodles in the airport and found my gate.
The chairs were soooo comfy, and my flight was delayed, so I just had to take a little nap.
When I woke up… the airport was empty and they were announcing the final final very last boarding call for the very last flight of the day to Ho Chi Minh City.
Grabbed my carry-on and literally RAN down the tarmac and onto the plane. Everyone else on the plane was already seated, belted in and ready to go. I was sweating and my adreneline was pumping, but soooooo thankful I woke up just in time to make the flight. Otherwise I would have been illegially in China and who knows when the next day would have been when I could have gotten out.


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