Ho Chi Minh City – aka – Saigon

First full day in Saigon after arriving at 3am, eating and finding a room at the only hotel that was open and had a room available, and sleeping.
Only sleeping for a couple hours though…. weird i wasn’t more tired, perhaps it was the oversleeping that happened in the airport in China…heheheh
Saigon in the perfect chaotic feast for the senses. Mopeds, motorbikes, people hawking their wares, and food. Food Galore!
What to do – EXPLORE of course.
Walked down to the Mekong River, got a $3 pedicure, achieved heat exhaustion and sought out air conditioning and food at the closest place possible.
Did i mention that in Vietnam, facebook is banned…. except apparently at I-Box…
After eating, regaining my senses, posting on facebook….. do I realize I am in a companion bar.
Yes, you read that right – A COMPANION BAR!
Gold walls, rich velvet and silk furniture, air conditioning, delicious food and the fastest (and unrestricted) internet I have found.
Now I know why.
But enjoyed every voyeuristic moment of watching the girls work their clients.

Spent the next hour and a half walking around back alleys of the city looking for a Temple…. finally finally found it and it was worth every moment of looking.
The energy was…. in a word…. purely intense and incredible.
tingled every nerve ending in my body.
Was totally totally worth it.
On the 5 mile hike back to the hotel at sunset, the lights were being turned on and the decorations were up in preparation for the Chinese new year. It was amazing. I promise to post a link to pictures as soon as I can find a place to unload my memory cards.


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