The day of ‘last minute-ness’

So, it’s the day before I actually leave, get on a plane and take off…
I’m scared, I’m nervous and I’m completely overwhelmed with things I need to do at the last minute.
Coordinating everything for such a big trip has become a huge deal. For example, I need a visa to get into Vietnam. But, I don’t have an address in which to send it – especially while I am on the road. It all becomes very very complicated.
But – the backpack is packed and probably weighs about 40 pounds. I eventually decided to take my laptop – for movies in Mexico – but will probably leave it behind with friends there, because it doesn’t actually fit in any of my bags.

But in all of this nervousness, fear, trepidation, excitement, there is a deep sense of calm… deep in the idea that if I get caught up with the surface emotions, I can’t feel it. But when I sit down for a minute and breathe…. I know I am doing the right thing.
Because when it comes down to it…. stuff is just stuff, and it’s the experiences that our soul cries out for.


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