The List….

Oh my.
How am I going to fit my life into a backpack? The thought of it was completely absolutely and totally overwhelming.
… and did I mention, a bit emotional?
So, I sneakily wrangled one of my dearest friends into going to REI with me to look at backpacks. Being that I have never really backpacked. Ever.
I needed help.
And help he did. I found a beautiful 60L Gregory backpack which will very soon become my new ‘home’.
I’ve done a ton of research on what to pack for a big trip like this, so while we were at REI, we also picked up a few other essentials that I will need (thank you REI garage sale!).

Here is the tentative packing list:
2 pair of lightweight pants – check
1 pair of jeans – still deciding which pair to take
2 skirts – decisions decisions
1 pair of sleep/athletic shorts – check
1 slip dress (suitable for beach, or dresses up for going out) – check
3 tank-tops (1 is a dressy tank)-… well…
3 shirts/t-shirts – ok – no prob
1 long-sleeved thermal – pink?
1 long-sleeved microfiber outdoorsy shirt – hmmmm
1 fleece pullover – not yet.
1 zip-up hoody – check
3 pairs of socks (1 hiking, 2 cotton)- no, yes.
8 pairs of underwear – do I really have to wear underwear?
2 bras – check
1 sportsbra – double check
1 scarf – oooh yay!
2 pairs of leggings – super check
1 hat – check
1 pair of Teva-like sports sandals – not yet
1 pair of hiking boots – not yet (REI!)
1 pair of flip flops (for shower shoes in nasty hostels) – check
PacSafe Mesh net – CHECK! YAY!
Microfiber travel towel – coming soon
Silk-blend sleep sheet – check
sleeping pad – check
sleeping bag – Check
Deet insect repellent
Water bottle/camelpak – check
1 extra copy of my passport
1 mini sewing kit
1 carabiner clip
1 headlamp flashlight – check
1 mini set of eating utensils
1 pocket knife
1 power converter
1 travel medical kit:
TOILETRIES – hmmm going to have to research this a bit.
My Laptop – do I bring it?: Dell Latitude ES400 (It would help staying in touch… but it might not make it through the trip – it’s not exactly new)
Camera: Cannon
Headset for Skype?
Neoprene laptop cover (it’s my computer’s rain coat!)- check
Pens – check
Deck of cards (they have my initials on them!) – check
Secret Money belt (ssshhhhh)- check

With the notion that this whole list could be modified as I get closer to ‘go time’.

and… as I look around my house… it’s starting to hit. All of this, will be gone.
By the new year I will be on the road. Starting over.
Letting go of everything I once knew. Everything I was holding on to…
Going where the wind blows…
I’m scared.


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