365 minus 300 equals "Holy CRAP!"

A few months back, I decided to dedicate 1 year of my life and backpack, ride, fly, swim and skip across the globe. Catch is, I am leaving on December 28th, yes, as of today, just 65 short days away. Yes, a few months ago when I decided to do this, my planned date to leave was July 1st of 2011…. well… things always seem to manifest faster than I think they will. This will challenge me in ways I didn’t know were possible, in just 65 days from today, I will leave on an extra-ordinary journey of self. It will take the love, dedication, commitment and support from friends, family and my own personal champions to make it happen (that would be you! – More details are below).

Where you come in:
This journey over one year will take approximately $20,000 (starting headed south into Mexico, continuing into Peru – perhaps making a stop in Costa Rica and Belize, then West into Thailand and SE Asia, into India, then Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece and Spain until finally back into the States.)

I will be staying with many friends I have that are scattered across the globe, as well as new friends I meet along the way. I am committed to pinch every penny, work multiple jobs, do magic, squeeze blood out of turnips or whatever I have to do to make this happen.
What I am needing is sponsors, donations and champions for this adventure. Do you or your business want to sponsor or donate?

To give you a sense of what things cost…

* $6 – 1 night in a hut on a Thai beach
* $10 – 1 day/night in India
* $30 – 1 day/night in Peru
* $60 – 1 day/night on a Greek island

Average per day costs (includes food, lodging, entertainment, transportation, etc):

* Laos, Cambodia,Vietnam, Panama, Guatamala – $35
* Eastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic,) – $40
* Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore – $55
* W. Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam) & S. America- $50
* Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, Switzerland – $65
* Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt and Africa – $90
* Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia & S. Pacific – $100

Specifically, this is my budget:
Lodging – $3150
Food – $2820
Entertainment – $375
Activities – $3250
Transportation – $1950
Internet – $500
Misc (gifts) – $1000
Visas – $250
Pre-Trip gear – $1000
Flights- $4000
Vaccines – $500
Incidentals (emergency exit, accidents, etc) – $1200
For a total of $19,995

Being able to do this with your help: PRICELESS!

So, please help my dream come alive. Just a small donation will mean the world to me…
I’ve set up an easy website to help here:

Stay tuned for more details!


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