De Milo and the Centar

There has been an ongoing love affair for the last 31 years. A galloping half stallion, half man aimed cupids bow and hit Venus De Milo right in the ass.
They have been attached at the hip ever since. Adventured together, traveled together, experienced together, loved together, fought together and made my life completely and totally… interesting.

Long story short…. my planet Venus lives in the house of Sagittarius. Which for some reason actually makes me feel less guilty about not having a single relationship that has lasted more than two years. But oh what crazy, fun, amazing, intense and unbelievable times those have been. Not without challenges for sure. Keeping my attention for longer than that of a gnat is quite a feat for those who are daring, adventurous or perhaps who just like a good challenge.

Perhaps it could explain my affinity for ‘crushing’. Oh how I love a good crush… until another one comes along, then another one, and another one… ooooh shiney!

Sagittarius is all about travel, baby. Fiery, spirited, freedom-loving travel. You want the key to my heart… Light something on fire, spirit me away to a new or different location, and let me soar free. Then, I will melt into a puddle of delicate soft girlishness, look at you adoringly, and relish in the strength of your own unabashed abandonment.


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