You have thought about it at least once….

Welcome to the journey around the world.

This morning, I decided to dedicate 1 year of my life and backpack, ride, fly, swim and skip across the globe. Catch is, I will need to seriously dedicate one year to prepare…. and this coming from a girl who is afraid of commitment. **shudder**
This will challenge me in ways I didn’t know were possible, leading, obviously to an extra-ordinary journey of self.
It will take the love, dedication, commitment and support from friends, family and my own personal champions to make it happen (that would be you! – More details are below).

Why am I doing this you ask?
1 – To break the routine – you know… wake up around the same time, get coffee, have breakfast, go to work, and so on, and most of this is performed in a zombie-like state because each day is nearly identical. But for over 15 years, in the back of my mind, this daunting task of traveling the world has teased and flirted with me. It has been a dream of mine that seemed too far-fetched… but now, I want to chase it into reality.

2 – To lose my desire for American Materialism – meaning… I’m going to sell everything I own – get rid of all that ‘stuff’. So if you know of something I have and want it… make me an offer and it’s yours. Some of the stuff I have, I love, I mean… I TRULY love… so this is going to be an amazing exercise in detachment. Little deaths… over and over until it is. all. gone. I am currently inventorying everything (movies, books, furniture, statuary, etc) and throwing stuff out (I had no idea that buried in a plastic storage bin I’ve moved a dozen times there was my cap and gown from HIGH SCHOOL graduation!)

3 – Discovery, Exploration and a deep journey of self – I don’t really need to say more here…

4 – Culture – it’s not just in yogurt – yep… that too.

Before I even start… Immediately I am thinking of all the potential roadblocks, pitfalls, and things which will hold me back, like my mind already has been made up that it is impossible. How will I pay for it? How will I stay safe? Everything I own will be in a backpack (and not a fully-furnished two bedroom duplex?) Yet, when I called my dad – knowing he would be the voice of ‘reason’ – the one who would talk me down from the ledge of crazy… he said – “Yeah, that sounds awesome, I think you should do it. why not?” Turning to my mom, hoping to get convinced I was certifiable, she said “Oooh that sounds like fun!”

wha?! Who are these people? And what did they do with my conservative parents? So, I have their blessing, and there you have it. I am 31 years old, no children, no husband (just a was-band), no house and no debt. Taking the ultimate commitment and over the next year save every penny, sell all of my personal belongings and starting July 1, 2011 to live out of a backpack for 1 year.

Where you come in:
This journey over one year will take approximatley $20,000 (yes, I have done research, and yes I will post all the info, costs, couch surfing/hostel contacts I have found in a future blog). I will be staying with many friends I have that are scattered across the globe, as well as new friends I meet along the way. I am committed to pinch every penny, work multiple jobs, do magic, squeeze blood out of turnips or whatever I have to do to make this happen.
What I am needing is sponsors, donations and champions for this adventure. Do you or your business want to sponsor or donate?

To give you a sense of what things cost…

  • $1 – a beer in Bali, Indonesia
  • $6 – 1 night in a hut on a Thai beach
  • $10 – 1 day/night in India
  • $30 – 1 day/night in Peru
  • $60 – 1 day/night on a Greek island
  • $90 – 111 meter/333 foot bungee jump from Victoria Falls Bridge in Zambia (gulp!)

Average per day costs (includes food, lodging, entertainment, transportation, etc):

  • Laos, Cambodia,Vietnam, Panama, Guatamala – $35
  • Eastern Europe (Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic,) – $40
  • Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore – $55
  • W. Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam) & S. America- $50
  • Hong Kong, Macau, Spain, Switzerland – $65
  • Italy, Spain, Greece, Egypt and Africa – $90
  • Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia & S. Pacific – $100

Being able to do this with your help: PRICELESS!

All donors, sponsors, champions and significant supporters will be recognized on my blog, facebook page, twitter and any other mode of social networking and communication as a way to “thank you” for your support (plus I might even send you something cool from a remote location in the world). Please let me know if you would like your donation to be anonymous.

I have set up a special paypal account just for this project.

Join the clubs for your donations:

$1 – $25 Day Hiker Club

$25 – $100 Couch Surfing Club

$100 – $500 R & R Club

$500 and above – Jack Kerouac Club

More info coming soon! Wish me luck – the countdown begins only 319 days left!


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