It sure doesn’t suck to be me.

It has been a long time since I have posted up a blog, and it’s not for lack of adventure. But sometimes I don’t always want to share my private adventures with the innumerable people out in inter-webs land, Some rendezvous or super-hero assignments are… shall we say, not blog-appropriate.

But what I did want to share is that yes… it sure doesn’t suck to be me.
I have learned in the past two weeks that my infinite happiness is born from a 3am restless middle-of-the-night text message and a warning. Followed by, the most amazing birthday celebrations, hiking next to waterfalls, re-charging of girl batteries (thanks Mr. T and Mr. Rowe), more birthdays, super-hero costume parties, Fire, player piano’s, ice-cream, carnival rides, fireworks, sunshine, and playing War in a moving vehicle.

My life doesn’t suck. And although timing isn’t always perfect, I realized that I can move mountains to make something happen.
and I like moving mountains… and making things happen, it makes me infinitely happy.

What mountain can I move for you?


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