My first commitment

I am a self-confessed commitment-phobe…. and… I made a huge commitment today, and am still in awe and the profound effect it is having.

I put a bumpersticker on my car.

Yes, yes… now I know that probably doesn’t seem like much to you, but for me… this is huge. My car is now forever adorned with my glittery goodness, slimed with sticky shineyness, marked as mine forever.
Now this commitment to my bumper accessorizing did not come lightly. I have owned this sticker for about three years. Year #1 – this sticker sat on my desk at work, next to my computer and I looked at it every day. Everyday when I would get overwhelmed it would just sit there, smiling at me.
Year #2 – Growing on me a little (and my job was uh… changing…) I took this small piece of purple pretti-ficiation and affixed it to my refridgerator.
Year #3 – The final journey before committing… I placed this delicate muse so carefully next to the gear shift in my car. There it has teased, taunted and inspired me.
And today… I took the plunge.
It is attached.
I almost feel like my car got it’s very first tattoo…


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