Going Rogue

Yesterday my good friend (good enough to be called my brother) mentioned the thing he most admired about me was that I had gone Rogue. Instantly I thought of X-Men. I mean, Rogue was hot all dressed in that black leather. So I was thinking “wow – yeah, I would look good in one of those outfits”, but perhaps he was referring to my ability to absorb (and reflect) the abilities of those around me. But everyone can do that…
So I kept thinking…

Perhaps he was just making a sly reference to Anna Paquin. Who apparently also has an affinity for Vampires. Side-bar ->if you haven’t seen True Blood – I would totally recommend it. It’s great.

When I inquired further, he started talking about the fact that I have always done things my own way. Not followed the pack, and walked to the beat of my own tune.
Yeah… I guess that was true. Walking alone sure is nice sometimes, except for those times when you realize… I am alone.
So… do you have the courage to go Rogue? The strength to walk alone? Either way, be careful out there…. you know, cuz life will kill you.


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