Zombies vs. Vampires and a Wedding…

So seriously… in a battle between Zombies and Vampires, who would win?
Take into account strength (zombies), regenerative ability (fairly even), attack methods (again, fairly even), cleverness (vampires), intelligence (vampires), beauty (vampires), sex appeal (yeah Vampires win that one hands down), Danger factor (zombies will eat your brain, vampires will just take a litte – or a lot – of blood), Ninja factor (totally Vampires here…) and hellooo… Vampires can fly, AND they have their own cereal (thank you Count Chocula – obviously vampires know the importance of a balanced diet.) That’s just cool.

So which is more dangerous…. really? Vampires of course could kick a zombie’s.. uh… assets, hands down. But dangerous to humans… Zombies, of course. I mean, vampires have existed for thousands of years and have kept a pretty low profile, lurking in the shadows. Sure, it’s inconvenient if that new neighbor keeps weird hours and has home delivery from the local blood bank, but Zombies… oh Zombies – if they ever really got going, humans would be toast in a week (well, unless of course you had Woody Harrelson around). Anyway, there is a great article here. oh, and.. here is a movie trailer which one of my best good friends did stunt work on (He’s the zombie on fire at 1:13) here.

Anyway… the reason I bring this up is because of this amazing, serendipitous conversation I had on Sunday. What happened on Sunday you ask… well, I attended the wedding of my dear friends David and Karin (isnt’ she beautiful!!! —>>>>>).
Yes… Zombies vs. Vampires and a Wedding.
David and Karin’s wedding ceremony was beautiful, it was held in Peninsula Park with the reception at the North Star Ballroom. and, although it was threatening rain (and the sky eventually did spit on us a bit but rain is good luck on your wedding day, right?) Everyone was smiling and happy. Karin was beautiful, David was dashing and it was probably one of the very best events of joy I have been to all year.

Pre-Wedding, waiting in the park, I get into a conversation with someone on this very topic of Zombies vs. Vampires. No, I did not bring this up, and no, I had never met this person before.
Then…. Wedding … beautiful…. speechless…. seriously.
Fast forward – … rainy walk to the reception… small talk… found assigned seating and low and behold, zombie vs vampire conversation man was sitting right across from me.
More small talk… then he asks…
“So, what do you do?”
To which I excitedly reply…
“I’m a Zombie-Slayer”
he replies… “aaaahhhh a vampire, it explains so much”
We both dissolve into hysteric giggles and dancing, drinking, cheering and wedding revelry ensues.

So, I guess it’s just another day in the life of a Zombie Slayer.


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