I was never the homecoming queen, a cheerleader or a straight A student.
I was never the best athlete, the top of my class or teachers pet.
I was never the best wife or perfect daughter, and
Never drove the best car or wore the perfect outfits.

I walked alone.
Searching for my place.
Searching my soul.
Trying a nibble of life here, a lick of life there and maybe a taste or two of the things I found which nourished me.

I walked in the shadows of darkness and was intimately acquainted with the monsters in my ‘closet’.
I walked in the blinding brilliance of Light, captured the sun and pulled it close in my heart.
and still, I kept walking.

I traveled half the world, danced till dawn in the desert, wandered the woods in silence and participated in secret Temple rituals and still…
I keep walking.
Keep searching
Keep living.


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