Go ahead… make some noise.

When I was younger, my mom was constantly on my case about ‘using my indoor voice’, and now some twenty years later, I find myself still hearing her voice ringing in my head….
“Just sit still”
“Just be quiet”
“Do you have something to say, or are you just talking to hear your own voice?”

… and, even after all these years I realize that yes… sometimes I do talk too loud, talk to much and do it just to hear my own voice. Yet… I know I am totally annoyed when a tv commercial comes on and it is at least 10 clicks louder than the original program I was watching. It is annoying, obnoxious and a total nuisance. And I question… is that what I sound like?
So this epiphany breaks, just like the dawn of a new day, sometimes, just sometimes, being the loudest doesn’t always get the message across. So what does get the message across?
As I was looking into this question, researching, meditating, asking myself, asking the trees and even asking God, I found the most fascinating website here. Did you know that the average attention span of a human being on the planet now days is 7 seconds – comparable to a goldfish? How do we catch and keep the attention of a goldfish? Well, perhaps Sally has something to say…. perhaps it is all about being fascinating and put our natural triggers to use.

What about the noise that isn’t actually noise? Do you know someone that perhaps is loud even though they don’t say a word? Their actions, energy and just the space around them is loud… what then? What if you can’t get away? I enjoy my silent times, my times alone in my cave with no one else around but my cat.
For those of you who perhaps haven’t had a silent experience before, I would recommend this…. Vipassana Meditation
10 days.
In silence.
By the end you will know just how loud you are.
For sure.
Because it will drive you crazy.
And then you will understand – the power of silence.

So, I guess the point of this is, I still struggle with the delicate balance of silence and noise, but understand that I can clearly and easily be loud or silent with myself, and have a much higher awareness and tolerance for those people around me in my life who move through the loud and silent phases as well.

So, anyway, thanks Mercury (the God of communication) for helping me write this blog, contemplate noise and silence and … as a bonus, here are all the things I have always wanted to say (in no particular order, to no particular people, mostly just to the reflection in the mirror):
I love you, be quiet, speak up, sometimes it’s not always about you, get over yourself, be nice, be fearless, just open your heart, be honest with yourself, it’s okay to be scared, I don’t feel safe with you, you are beautiful.


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