Elements: Not just for the periodic table ….

I hated chemistry when I was in school…. I wasn’t a big fan of science in general.
Not that I didn’t enjoy the biology part of dissecting animals, but I think that it was more out of morbid curiosity rather than my desire to learn how they were ‘put together’.
Chemistry was even more difficult – so many elements on the periodic table, all grouped, sorted, labeled, with codes, numbers, combinations, mathematical equations… it was all really too much.
Although Quantum Physics… well – that’s more than just ‘science’ – so yeah… anyway
I’ve always been pretty smart, able to catch on quickly to concepts and new information, but the periodic table, chemistry and science in general for whatever reason – really made me feel incompetent. I even figured out a way that while in college I could get my degree and never (not once) take a single science class – yeah… I was brilliant. 😉
What I did learn was the basic concepts that a single molecule could completely change the structure of the product. Water (H2O), by adding just one molecule of oxygen to the structure of water, you would get Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Obviously you wouldn’t drink Hydrogen Peroxide like you would water….
Similarly, everything in the 3rd Dimensional physical existence is made (vibrates with) in the delicate balance of the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire (adding the 5th Element of Spirit/Love for animation). And just like the example of Water vs. Hydrogen Peroxide, the imbalance of one molecule can cause tremendous change, or tremendous imbalance.

Say, for example the simple element of Earth
We think of it as dirt in every day life, yet in our bodies it corresponds to our bones. It holds our structure. This element of Earth rules over our lives in many aspects including that of structure, beauty, grounding, employment (yes our jobs!) abundance, fertility and prosperity. You can start to see where the element (vibration) of earth is in your life, where perhaps it is out of balance or where you need more ‘earth element’. Being out of balance in this element can manifest as apathy and depression. It can keep you from staying grounded and present in any situation. Keep you from finding a good job, making enough money, or initiate projects.
Are you out of balance in this element?
Do you recognize things in your life you could improve by working with this element? What about the other three elements of water, air and fire? Want to learn more about how developing your relationship with those elements could help make your life easier?

I have put together a 10 week coaching series to help. I am also writing a book on this super awesome cool stuff.
It’s so easy, almost like drinking water….


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