Will you just slow down a little faster please….

Faster, faster, faster FAAAAASTEEEER


Slow down – but slow down faster.
Sloooow Down – you only have 10 minutes.
Slow down faster.
Come on… be still.. you only have a few more minutes…

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But that’s what we do every single day.
Get up, hurry, shower, get dressed, meditate (but hurry), go to work, hurry and eat lunch, work more, go to yoga – ready stretch, breathe, 49 minutes left, okay done, dinner, meetings, to-do list, maybe meditate (if we didn’t have time in the morning) and go to bed. Just to get up and hurry to do it again the next day.
We are all racing around, trying to have our ‘zen’ moments – meditation, yoga, self-help books, tapes, movies, classes…
The problem is we are missing the whole point of this ‘Zen Art of Living’ we keep furiously chasing. So… what’s the point?
Every moment of every day, we have an opportunity, we have a chance to live in a way that is focused, aware and intentional. When exactly do we actually pay close attention to the movements we make, the words we say and how those actions affect our friends, family and the people around us?

Are you just steamrolling through life?

Everything we say, everything thing we do send reverberations through the universe. It creates ripples in the pond of the matrix. Those ripples not only effect us but effect those all around us – yes – like the pond… rippling all the way to the shores.
What ripples are you making?
Surfing Waves?
Destructive Tsunami’s?
or the quiet gentle repetitive lapping on the sands?

… and by the way… will you lap a little faster?


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