My life is filled with Superheros

Ever since I can remember, my life has been filled with Superheros. I mean, you know… every little girl when they are growing up thinks thier dad is superman. He fixes your bike tires when they go flat, scares the boogie men out of your closet and saves you from the hideous spider that is as big as your fist which is crawling across your bed. But seriously… my mom was a dead ringer for Linda Carter. Tall, thin, dark hair, blue eyes, capable of wrapping you up and making you tell the truth… (yes… she had that power – only without the gold lasso… it SUCKED!)

My grandmother… a total powerhouse, decedent of a living Knight Templar, she was so soft, so kind, so gentle and so fierce. Soft in that bake-you-chocolate-chip-cookies-and-the-world-is-a-better-place kind of way and fierce in the ‘nobody is gonna mess with my family’ kind of way. She was glue.
My grandfather… he was like the perfect combination of Frank Sinatra and Don Vito Corleone, with a martini in hand every night at 5pm sipping to the sounds of the rat pack.
Sweet. Fierce. Perfect.

Now, about (approximately 😉 ) 30 years later, my life is still filled with the most amazing of superheros.

I know a man who walks through fire… just like Johnny Storm.

I know another man who reminds me of wolverine… only without the whole anger issue. But he has amazing strength, plays with (lots) of metal and heals faster than he gets hurt (it’s weird but awesome).

I know Speed Racer.

I know a woman who is so beautiful she literally stops people dead in their tracks (well, not dead… but I have seen car accidents and plenty of people tripping over themselves when she walks by).

I know musicians whose tunes move your soul so deeply you feel as though you are possessed by the groove vibe.

I know Healers.

I know Shamans.

I know this woman who has a golden touch. She is a marketing, social, manifestation wizard and has superpower of 6 year old the glittery pixie dust. Just being around her is like being at Disneyland… it’s the happiest place on earth.

and I also know that like attracts like –
So, I guess slaying Zombies is a substantial superhero power….
I mean, so many people I see are suffering. Walking around in the gray, oppressed realm of fence-sitting, border-walking, apathetic world of duality. My superpower is I know that energy… I know where it hides and I remove it. I unstick the stuckyness. I see your true authentic self, behind the masks and I coax, cajoil and beg it to come out and play. Come out and shine!
We all have talents gifts and abilities that we are born with. Our soul’s true purpose to why we are here and what we need to do. Wouldn’t it be nice to align yourself with that energy?
It is true.
That’s what my superhero power is.


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