April Showers… bring construction?

Ran into one of my neighbors the other day. He is a craftsman and has been hammering away in his backyard (under tarps) building this huge monstrosity of a contraption. Anyway, we got to talking….

He was sharing with me all the things he had built over the years. The people he had met, and how he loves to help others by building things for them that make their life easier.
I was totally intrigued, I shared with him… “Well, I’m kind of a builder too.” Explaining that I teach classes and in those classes I give away the tools, the plans and the finishing tips for the students to build their life… however they want it.
We spoke about the old adage, “if you can dream it, you can build it.” And we both laughed and agreed that in any line of ‘work’ it still rings true.

It was a really great conversation I had, and as I was leaving he said… “I’m looking forward to coming to one of your classes. In the meantime, if things get a little too wet for you out there, grab a friend and come on over…. and.. by the way, my name is Noah.”


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