Charging… charging….

*chuga chuga chuga*
*Oh oh oh oooooooooh GOD!*

Any of this sound familiar?
It’s the stuff that keeps us going, the charge can last as short as a minute, or in some cases…. years. But in one way or another, batteries, in all shapes and sizes, keep us going.

Inside the cold metal shells, decorated in black, copper, silver with a neat little nipple at the top… (ever want to put your tongue on it?) there is a magical dance of energies at play. Positive and negative, electric and magnetic, all creating juice to power our thing-a-ma-jig. The ions dancing, transferring voltage, exchanging fluids, opposites attracting in a symbiotic relationship to create… power.

Sound like anything else you know?

I like getting my batteries charged. Current fav’s: Dancing with my eyes closed, singing in the shower, playing with your hair, riding dragons, hugging strangers, watching God paint, foot-rubs, hot tubs, rainbows, ponies, barefoot mud squishing, compliments, bed burrito’ing, swings, slides, box-breaking, trip-taking, sunshine, stalling time, puppies, peonies, pretty things, glitter, color and watching magic happen.

So go out.
Right now.
Get a charge,
a shock,
perhaps even an slight electrocution.
You know you want to.


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