A Dirty Job, but someone’s got to do it.

You ever see that show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe? Yeah, the one where he finds the nastiest, dirties, grosses job in the country then “works” it for a day. Yes… he doesn’t actually do anything, he just sorta hangs out and says funny things like:

“I’m going to follow you and pretend I know something.”
“At least this isn’t on television or anything.”
“I could be wrong. I’ve misunderstood a great deal so far.”
“I’m not quitting. I’m just leaving and never coming back”.
“I get a “D” in common sense … and an “F” in general helping …”

So, there was this day a couple months ago, where I spent 8 hours watching that show. Yes, a marathon of sludgy, gross, slimy, disgusting, hilarious dirty jobs. I laughed so hard, I cried. I ate when I wanted. Slept when I wanted. Went for a walk just to flirt with the sun, when I wanted. But basically spent the whole day snuggled in bed.
*le sigh*
No, I wasn’t sick.
No, I wasn’t hungover.
Yes, on a scale from one to ten, it was closer to an eleven.
And yes, it was probably the best day I’ve had in the last ten years.
No joke.
Better than two weeks in Hawaii.
Better than Disneyland.
And even better than dancing till dawn at Burningman… and watching the sun rise in the desert over the distant mountains while dressed in nothing but fur and fishnets… and that is pretty freakin’ awesome.

Why you ask?
Because I did absolutely nothing.
I didn’t check my e-mail.
I didn’t take a single phone call. (Sorry Mom)
I didn’t do a one thing that day that didn’t totally, utterly and completely make me stupidly happy.

In that moment, on that day, I was totally stress-free.
Totally blissed out.
And… yes… it totally re-charged my ‘girl’ batteries (yes, girl batteries are different than boy-batteries – but that’s another blog for another time).

So I changed the background picture on my phone.
It’s the picture on this blog. Because, this picture reminds me of that day.
Shades of Grey…. like the weather in the Pacific Northwest in February.
The Beach…. relaxed.
The Mountains…. me, buried under a down comforter.
There are no computers.
No cell phones.
No kids screaming.
No work demands.
It’s a little dirty … the sand…. messy, probably cold and moist so sticking to everything and the water and weather are probably chilly or moderately uncomfortable.
But the kissing. Oh the kissing. Seeing people kiss makes me happy. A kiss gives me the warm fuzzies. But especially warm on a rainy, dirty day with Mike Rowe romantically commenting in the background…. “Why are my eyes about to run down my face?”…


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