UPS and the Universe…. they always deliver

I (like many) have faith in UPS. The reliability of the brown truck, brown uniforms and little beeping electronic signpad – almost like Santa Clause but… well, different. Although my inner 5-year old still has the same reaction.
Whenever I order something online, I know without a doubt it will show up 1-2 weeks later, emerging from a brown truck like an oasis in the desert. The rough brown cardboard box covered in stickers and stamps of all of it’s stops, with my name proudly on the top of the box. This box greets me and I greet back with a plethera of ecstatic giggles. YAY! The box has journeyed, in some cases, across the world to end up on my doorstep. Across the world to me. Now, not just a picture I have in my minds eye, a snapshot I saw on my computer screen, but inside this brown box, in my hands… is exactly that thing. That little thing I wanted. Mine. My precious.
I realized today as I was searching online for the next ‘thing’ that the Universe is like UPS. It always delivers. Perhaps not in a cardboard box in a brown delivery truck, but it always delivers. And even more reliably than UPS. The problem is, we (in general, as people) do not have as much faith in the Universe as we do in UPS. EVEN THOUGH – the Universe has been around for a lot longer and has provided so much more than UPS ever will (not to knock UPS, but … seriously? Have you thought about this?)
The catch is… we have more faith in UPS than in the Universe. We know without a shadow of a doubt that UPS will deliver our little package in a timely manner. It is easy for us to sit and stare at a computer screen and pick out exactly what we want, put it in our shopping cart and press the ship now button. With the Universe, we look at all the infinite possibilities on our ‘screen’, finally decide to pick one and then… our faith in the delivery wains.
The Law of Attraction helps us understand, by putting your faith, your attention on the optimal outcome of your universal order and expecting the delivery to show on your door. (“the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains…”).
So, stop. Take just a few moments and connect inward – deeply. Breathe. Listen to your heart. Listen to your Soul. Then want to go shopping. What does the Universal Store have for you? Choose something BOLD or maybe something more conservative. And press the ship now button. There is an infinite of possibilities. Then… open your door (your mind) and expect it to be delivered.
Just like UPS.
Only without the cool flaming brown truck.


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