"Well, it’s not called Mission: Difficult, Mr. Hunt…"

“Well, it’s not called Mission:Difficult Mr Hunt…”

A classic line (and arguably the best line in the whole movie) that is said by Sir Anthony Hopkins to the Tom Cruise character in Mission Impossible. That particular line always stuck with me. Not for any real reason perse, but just in the way it encapsulates this idea that there is ‘difficult’ and there is ‘impossible’, and the impossible is only achieved by the ‘extra-ordinary’ in this case… the Mission:Impossible team – all specially trained.

You, me, everyone else – all ordinary people, doing ordinary things. The only way we become extraordinary is by doing the little extra, by doing the impossible.
Why do I bring all of this up?
Well, recently I saw the new Alice in Wonderland, and there was a great line on this very subject in which Alice kept repeating, I believe in six impossible things before breakfast.”
Six impossible things!But what if we only believed in just one?
One impossible thing that we believed in. One impossible thing that was our ‘little extra’. The little extra where we focused just a little more of our attention, got a little more training, and perhaps with a little luck, performed an ‘impossible’ feat.

and I ask you….
…. What is your Mission:Impossible?


One thought on “"Well, it’s not called Mission: Difficult, Mr. Hunt…"

  1. What a fantastic question!For a long time it seemed getting out of debt was my Mission:Impossible, but I'm starting to believe it is going to happen, so I need a new one… I'm thinking it is "Finding and living my passion" (and not be broke doing it.) Any pointers? 🙂

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