Sunshine…. and a safety deposit box?

I know when I have something precious; I definitely want to keep it safe. Perhaps lock it up, tie it down, or put it in a box for safekeeping.

When I was a little girl, my grandfather would give me a bag full of pennies for Christmas – I thought it was the most wonderful gift EVER! I would put them in a shoebox and hide them under my bed (and safely away from the stealing hands of my little sister). I would only get them out in secret, on rainy Sunday afternoons to count all the pennies and put them all in neat little piles, before returning them to the shoebox and back under the bed for safe keeping. I think the counting was more for the fact that I was afraid the boogieman (or my sister) was stealing them…

But Sunshine?
In a box?
Under my bed?
What the …???

I just don’t get the term “Daylight Savings”. You can’t save daylight! Believe me, I can save ANYTHING! But seriously, you can’t take the sunshine and tie it up, lock it down, save an extra hour or two for tomorrow. The term is just plain weird. I mean, I know there are good reasons for Daylight savings (which you might or might not agree on). But the term… it just really gets to me.

I guess the whole point is this…Like many other precious things in our lives, sunshine can’t be saved. It has to be used in the moment we receive it, kinda like love (hugs and kisses), time, and tissues….

So live each day to it’s fullest, take advantage of each opportunity, because the sun can’t fit in a safety deposit box.

Oh and… yeah… when the sun does come out, be sure to have your SPF 2000 so you don’t glitter.


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