The Killer…. smile?

I have found that even in the toughest bars, in the roughest neighborhoods, no one has a chance when I wield the greatest weapon in the world.
A smile.
Yes, it brings men to their knees and stops babies from crying. Just a small, simple little smile.

Smiles have influenced world leaders to NOT press the red buttons. Smiles are infectious, and can influence anyone.
I mean, just check this out

Just by smiling I can effect change in the actions, beliefs, and choices of others. I can have INFLUENCE on others! Just by smiling. Anyone can.

If you have your own business, smiling is even more important!

I know from experience that everyone I meet is a potential customer, client or someone who I can serve. And by just smiling, I can increase my sphere of influence, which will in turn, will boost the number of people who hear my message, and that alone will have a positive impact on the bottom line of my business.

As my influence grows, so does my reputation, increasing my value in the marketplace. More visibility and more credibility add up to more business (and more profits).

Are you catching on yet? Because you can do this too!

The good news is that becoming influential does not require wealth, beauty, or even above-average intelligence. All it requires is a smile.

Remember that to have the ability to influence is to wield great power, and that power should never be abused. To quote Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So be a superhero and smile! …. and go knock’em dead.




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