Starting from scratch

There is no better feeling in the world than starting at the very beginning.

Even as I write that, Julie Andrews starts singing clearly in my ears… “let’s start at the very beginning, that’s a very good place to start, when you read you begin with A, B, C. When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi….”

Starting from scratch is important when you are cooking, when you are painting, when you are composing music… I mean, doesn’t homemade food just taste better than something which has been microwaved, re-heated or flash fried? Our lives need just as much, if not more, care and attention as our food. I know I continually catch myself getting so used to living ‘flash fried’, doing the same thing day in and day out and forgetting that I always have the choice to start over, start new, start fresh and do something different. Yes… start from scratch. Yes… live a new adventure every day.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a business seminar, the speaker was talking about how many of us are searching for ways to be more financially independent, more empowered and more successful in our lives. As he spoke, he spoke of three guarantees which were:

1. If you don’t look, you won’t find.
2. If you don’t try, nothing will change
3. Opportunities are everywhere

But how often have I even caught myself with my head down, just looking at my feet, not paying attention to the road in front of me.
If maybe, every day when I woke up, I reminded myself that I am starting from zero today, nothing yesterday matters and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, then maybe starting from zero would give me the 360 degree perspective to look at all the options, look in every single direction. Then have the opportunity to pick the path that resonates closest to my true calling, the direction which brings me the most joy, passion and fulfillment to my hearts and life.
What a difference that would make in not only my life, but the lives of so many other people as well. This slight change of perspective, this starting my life from scratch each day, would bring boundless hope and an unparalleled ability to dream of a brighter future.

New adventures would abound. New adventures in relationships, in business, or just in life. All I have to do is keep my head up and my eyes open.

…and oh yeah… and listening to Julie Andrews sing can be pretty inspiring too…


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